Mi Digi World

Mi Digi World was a handheld electronic diary/organizer developed by Handheld Games and released in 2007. On this project, I was primarily responsible for most of the mini-games, but fixed bugs in all aspects of the product during the late stages of production.

This was my first professional project and, boy, was I thrown into the deep end. I was brought in after two other programmers were fired and had 3 weeks to fix or flat out rebuild the dancing and make-over mini-games before the Alpha milestone. With that accomplished, I eventually was responsible for all the mini-games and other UI heavy elements as the product came close to shipping.

By far the most unusual aspect of the project was the realities of working on an embedded processor. We had no floating point operations, the debugger had only two break points and code size was a major limiting factor. I doubt many places use Sun Plus or General Plus chips these days, but it was definitely and experience.

While Mi Digi World did ship, it only launched in the UK and was not a success. I might try to find one on eBay just for the nostalgia, but there is no reason for anyone to seek it out.


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