Welcome to My Site

Greetings and Thank You,

My name is Kenneth Scott. I am a programmer who has spent the last decade getting adapting to new languages, systems, processes and code bases, in and outside of the games industry. On almost every job or project, I’ve dived into existing modules or legacy code to fix, enhance or repurpose and am confident in my ability to do so. Even when writing new code from scratch, I relish iterative processes that let me go back over what I wrote to fix the issues, large and small, that I couldn’t see at the time. No code is ever perfect and, much like writing a novel, the first draft is rarely good enough.

Outside of programming, I have a lifetime love of video games and try to play as much as my wife and kids will let me. In particular, I love the sense of discovery I get from finding secrets in the world, solving devious puzzles or understanding the ways systems interact. I enjoy learning and dip my toes into game design, mathematics, philosophy, science, literary analysis, history, sociology and anything else that strikes my fancy, simply for the fun of understanding more.

The first goal of this website will be job hunting, a place for employers and recruiters to see my resume and my past projects. But I also hope to use the blog to track my hobby projects and record game ideas I don’t want lost the aether.

Thank you for your time and I hope you like what you see.

Best Regards,


Kenneth Scott