Kenneth B. Scott

(206) 794-0023         


Software Engineer


Work History

Software Engineer,     McKenzie River Software,       Springfield, OR            2018-Present

Maintained and updated legacy computer-aided machining software SmartCAM. Implemented new UI features and implemented functionality of 3rd party software. Familiarized myself with 30 year old codebase.

Software Engineer,      Symantec Corperation,        Springfield, OR             2015-2017

Investigated customer issues and implement code fixes for major enterprise security solution. Maintained client-side programs, management server UI and databases.

 Freelance/Contractor,                                                  Eugene, OR                  2014

Participated in game jams and expanded the prototype into a released title. Contracted on Unity projects, implementing UI and designing core game functionality.

Software Engineer,      USNR,                                      Eugene, OR                  2013-2014

Improved and maintained custom software used in computer vision system. Tuned defect detection software to match client’s needs.

 Engineer II,                  Pipeworks Software,              Eugene, OR                 2011-2013

Lead small teams of engineers, managed schedules and created technical documentation. Researched and prototyped new technology. Worked on traditional, mobile and social games. Developed for iOS, Android, Web, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 on both Unity and in-house engines.

 Game Programmer,     Super X Studios,                   Seattle, WA                  2009-2010

Implemented game modules, menus, artificial intelligence, weapon behavior and certification for consoles. In an agile environment, participated in daily updates and bi-monthly sprint schedule meetings.

Game Programmer,     Handheld Games Corp,      Lynnwood, WA             2007-2009

Programmed game modules, player and object behavior, and user interface elements. Worked closely with team members in other disciplines. Developed tools and utilities that eased and sped development.




BS in Real-Time Interactive Simulation (Computer Programming) with a Minor in Mathematics

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA 2006


Programming Skills

Languages – C/C++ (10 years). C# (2 years). PHP (1 year). Experience with Java, SQL, Assembly, and HTML.

Platforms – iOS. Android. Xbox 360. PlayStation 3. Nintendo Wii. Nintendo DS. Windows. General Plus.

Software – Unity. NGui. XCode. Eclipse. Visual Studio.  WinDbg. SQL Server. WireShark. Codewarrior. Perforce. GitHub. SVN. Team Foundation. DirectX. STL. Microsoft Word. Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft Project. 3DS Max. Pro-Motion.

AI – A* Pathfinding. Finite State Machines. Neural Networks.  Genetic Algorithms. Flocking.

Math – 3D Math. Linear Algebra. Graph Theory. Quaternions. Delaunay Triangulation. Splines.

Techniques – JSON. Collision Detection. Impulse-based Physics. Linked Lists. Trees. Heaps. Hash Tables. Recursive Sorts. Oct-Trees. Graphs. Binary Searches.


Communication Skills

Leadership – Served as lead engineer on multiple projects, creating schedules, assigning tasks to junior engineers, communicating with clients and other disciplines and managing external developers.

Teamwork – Collaborated closely with engineers, designers, artists and producers as a part of large and small teams to refine, polish and improve the product at all stages of the project.

Documentation – Wrote project proposals, GDDs, TDDs, team schedules, milestone checklists, weekly production reports, end-of-day reports and postmortems in professional and academic environments.



SmartCAM CNC v2019/v2020, McKenzie River Software Windows 2018-2019

  • Legacy computer-aided machining software.
  • Quickly familiarized myself with the 30 year old codebase, maintaining and updating it.

  • Incorporated features from 3rd party software and created UI functionality for those features.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1 RU6/14.0, Symantec, Windows, 2015-2017

  • World renowned enterprise endpoint security management solution.
  • Investigated and resolved customer issues and defects as a member of the Customer Response Team.
  • Maintained and improved code for interlocking client security features, services and GUIs.
  • Analyzed crash dumps, debug logs and database backups to identify the root cause of issues.

CodeCraft, backCODE, 2014

  • Prototype programming educational game to promote computer science.
  • Designed and implemented the state machine, used by players to program bots for solving puzzles, to be understood by non-programmers and easily expanded with new actions, events and objects.
  • Created UI for building and modifying state machine state, actions and events.
  • Built level editor for creating puzzle levels, saved and loaded via JSON files.


M-Go Advanced, backCODE, Samsung VR, 2014

  • Prototype streaming service app for Samsung’s Oculus VR device, built in Unity.
  • Built NGui UI elements and polished the feel for a pitch demonstration using new VR hardware.

Tornado in Mini Municipality, Freelance, Kongregate 2014

  • Puzzle game about guiding a tornado over a city by drawing paths.
  • Created all the design, code and art, built in Unity, for a local game jam.
  • Iterated on the original game jam code, expanding functionality and making it usable in other projects.

World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, Pipeworks Software, Microsoft, Xbox 360 2012-2013

  • Free-to-play online poker game with cross-platform support, built in Unity.
  • Lead programmer during pre-production, creating schedules and ensured other engineers were on task.
  • Implemented game logic, in-game UI and game state communication between clients and the game server.
  • Built AI native DLL based using AI engine from previous game, saving time and allowed focus on online.
  • Created in-game UI using the NGui plug-in, expanding it to create an internal UI suite for Unity.

AXEMAN MOBILE, Pipeworks Software, Axe Body Spray, iOS/Android 2012

  • Mobile advertisement action game built in Unity.
  • User interface, code support and bug fixing. Modified and expanded native plug-ins for Unity.

(Augmented Reality Prototype), Pipeworks Software, iOS 2012

  • Augmented reality concept prototype, built in Unity.
  • Researched augmented reality and integrated Vuforia AR plug-in into the Unity project.

(Cancelled Wii U title), Pipeworks Software, THQ, Wii U 2012

  • Drawing-based family party game canceled during publisher contraction.
  • As lead programmer, wrote technical documentation, scheduled tasks and coordinated across disciplines.
  • Implemented drawing tools and UI across both TV and tablet, supporting asynchronous play.

Dancing With The Stars: Keep Dancing, Pipeworks Software, BBC, Web Unity 2011

  • Online social game based on international franchise, built in Unity.
  • Built store, character customization and choreography menus with EZ-Gui Unity plug-in.

uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, Pipeworks Software, THQ, Xbox 360/PS3/Wii 2011

  • Drawing tool and mini-game collection for the uDraw tablet peripheral.
  • Developed playback system for tutorials giving designers to control the process.
  • Implemented a user interface for the main drawing activity that could scale between HD and SD.

Greg Hastings Paintball 2, Super X Studios, Majesco, Xbox 360/PS3/Wii 2009-2010

  • Next generation paintball online first-person shooter.
  • Worked with a small team in an agile environment developing a game on all major consoles.
  • Implemented multiple control schemes, including motion controls for Wii and PlayStation Move.
  • Managed and polished all menus and UI, working closely with artists through design and re-design.
  • Coded many gameplay systems, including weapons, player movement and AI behavior.

Imagine: Music Fest, Handheld Games, Ubisoft, Nintendo DS 2008-2009

  • Original adventure and rhythm title developed for young girls.
  • Managed character customization with multi-part meshes and user created textures.
  • Implemented a majority of the user interface, including menus and menu driven activities.

U-TURN Digital Camera, Handheld Games, Digital Blue, 2008

  • Digital camera for kids with amusing image filters and a flipping LCD screen.
  • Developed real-time image processing filters and optimized performance of core functions in assembly.

Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom, Handheld Games, Disney Interactive, Nintendo DS 2008

  • Rhythm game for young girls, based on the popular Disney franchise.
  • Reused and improved popup menu utility from a previous project to improve look and readability of UI.

Cory in the House, Handheld Games, Disney Interactive, Nintendo DS 2007-2008

  • 2D action-adventure title, based on the popular Disney Channel sitcom.
  • Took initiative and ownership of AI behavior and interaction, implemented with finite state machines.
  • Implemented interactions with weapons, switches and environmental puzzle objects.

Mi Digi World, Handheld Games, 2007

  • Electronic diary and organizer for girls featuring mini-games and other activities.
  • Rebuilt game modules, correcting functionality and increasing expandability and maintainability.